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Rabies is a contagious, deadly disease from animal to

 animal or from the life of man is transmitted by bites of wild


Apart from Australia and England, and until recently,

Sweden, Ireland, Finland and some other countries rabies

occurs in all parts of the world, in all races mammals, and

even humans (zoonosis).
Cause of the disease is a virus, according to the way of the

spread of infection distinguish urban rabies through animal

domesticiranite primarily by dogs and cats and rabies-

through animals primarily through the handcuffs.
Rabies virus inserted into the tissue spread through nerve

fibers to the brain where it multiplies and leads to certain

demaged.From here virus spread after peripheral nerve again to where it spawns and spends secretions.Incubation varies widely from 2 weeks until 12 or 18 mounths.Diseases  takes place in stages that are characterized by certain changes.Fast changing behavior, refusing orders, rarely barks, and his voice is a little changed.Dog stop taking food soonand appears queer appetite so dog now eats wood, leaves, earth, and other.Because occurs desire oF roaming, fear of water and light, and established that the league of the patients can be infectious 2 to 15 days beforedetermine rabies.

General protection of human and domestic animals from rabies is based on the prevention of transmission of the causative rabies of wild animals dogs.Althought recommended measures for regular vaccination of dogs in the country.
According to the legislation every man bites dog must be under looking.Althought  such must not be killed, but must be observed two or three times during the 10 days.

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